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Kayla Itsines Diet Is The Key To BBG Workout Success

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kayla itsines bbg diet

If you know anything about the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, you may know about the tough but doable workout program as mentioned in my Bikini Body Guide Review. However, you may be wondering about other aspects of being on the program. For example, you might be curious as to how you stay fueled. Do you have to eat well when you’re doing the BBG workout?

In a word, yes. Unfortunately for us all, there is still no way to get six-pack abs while still chowing down regularly on spaghetti, French fries, and ice cream. Theoretically, yes, you could lose weight by eating nothing but a healthier, protein-rich ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, you wouldn’t get all the nutrients and vitamins you needed. So unless you want to get rickets like an old-timey pirate, skip the all-ice cream diet according to the BBG workout creator.

How To Diet Well With BBG Workout

So what can you eat? To help you figure that out, Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce, the creators of the BBG workout, give you HELP. To be more specific, they give you the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan. It’s ostensibly a meal plan, but it’s so much more than that. Before we get into the extras, let’s get into the meat of the plan: the meals. Kayla wanted her meal plan to be scientifically sound, so she consulted nutrition experts to put the plan together. The result was the HELP.

Kayla did have some guidelines for the plan. She wanted it to include meat, fat, and carbs, so that’s the basic blueprint. You’ll eat:

(She and her nutritional consultants have since introduced a vegetarian meal plan, so you can still get your protein even if you don’t eat meat.)

Whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegetarian, though, she gives you a solid plan. In the guide, she literally gives you a plan—a 14-day spread of meals—and she also gives you recipes. In addition to those, there is plenty of information about how to cook with more flavor, the nutrient info that gives the plan its basis, and even substitutions. But that’s not all. There is also a lengthy list of frequently asked questions. If there’s something you’re unsure about, it’s almost certainly covered in the FAQs.

On the Other Hand

So what, if any, is the downside? First of all, there’s the calorie count. Kayla Itsines doesn’t focus on calorie-counting, because she designed the plan for girls as young as 16 and she didn’t want them obsessing over their meals. That’s admirable. However, that doesn’t make calories disappear. They should still be considered.

In that vein, the meal plan ranges from 1400-1600 calories a day. That’s not unhealthy, but for women who are starting out at higher weights or who are just working really hard on the workouts, it might not feel like enough. The meal plan is often described as providing for five meals a day, but that’s inaccurate. It’s actually three proper meals a day and two snacks.

What can you do? If you start the plan and feel like you’re not getting food, the best thing to do is to consult your own doctor or nutritionist.

Another downside for some women might be that Kayla does not drink alcohol and does not believe you should, either. That’s something to consider if you do drink and want to follow the program.

Overall, though, it’s a pretty solid plan. You do have to eat well if you want to get fit, which should come as no surprise. However, if you experience any issues that you believe are related to your diet plan, whether you’re following the program or not, consult a professional.


Who is the BBG Workout Creator and Why Is It So Famous?

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bbg workout creator kayla itsines

You may already know a little bit about the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (or BBG Workout.) Do you what is Kayla Itsines BBG workout? Do you know where it came from, though? It is the creation of Kayla Itsines, an Australian fitness expert.

The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Story

Kayla grew up in and is still based in Adelaide, Australia. Growing up, her dad, a fitness enthusiast, would make her do exercises, like ten push-ups, before she could go play. And when it came to playing, it was outdoors only. He wouldn’t let her get a video game system because he wanted her to exercise and be healthy. He didn’t want her sitting on the couch, turning into mush. It may sound strict, but with the startling rates of childhood obesity these days, it may have been wise.

It certainly was wise for Kayla, because she too grew up to be a fitness enthusiast. Then she attended and graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness and became a fitness expert. Her first job, at a gym, was disappointing.

As she recalled in an interview with Bloomberg, the women who came in to exercise were put on exercise machines. When it was time for them to rotate machines, it was Kayla’s job to call out “Next!” That was the extent of fitness knowledge that she was expected to share with the gym patrons. If I’d been a member of that gym, I would have felt cheated.

Kayla did think there was something wrong with the system. So one day, she cut off and cut out the machines. She turned on some music and instructed the women in a simple system. They did circuits of exercises. The women at the gym loved it.

Then Kayla’s sister, a high school student, had friends who wanted to join the school’s netball team. (Netball is a game similar to basketball, fyi.) She created a workout program tailored to them to make them better athletes. She gave them core exercises to do to build stability and also assigned them leg exercises. So they could actually see how their physiques were changing, she instructed them to take progress pics.

How Do We Know All This?

Kayla wanted a place where she could organize the photos and show them. Her younger cousin suggested Instagram. At the time, Kayla didn’t even know what the app was, but she soon learned. She posted the progress pics and soon, other Instagram users caught on. They started messaging her wanting advice on how they too could get stronger and look better.

So many people were asking that Tobi Pearce, Kayla’s boyfriend and a trainer in his own right, suggested that she come up with a plan that she could share outside Australia. With his help, they devised that plan and called it the Bikini Body Guide. She encouraged women who did the workout plan to measure their progress the same way the girls on the netball team did, by taking regular photos. They captioned them with the hashtag #BBG for higher visibility and so she could find them. You can also learn why Kayla’s bikini body guide is the best compared to other fitness programs.

The Bikini Body Guide Workout and the #BBG hashtag became a phenomenon. Soon women around the world were trying the program and finishing it. Their impressive progress photos, found by searching the hashtag, speak to why it’s so famous. It’s not a crash diet or a shortcut. It’s a sensible plan cooked up by someone who knows fitness and who loves fitness. Kayla has envisioned a world in people become as fit and as strong as they are able. That’s why it’s so famous. It works if you put the work into it. Just ask any of the women who have completed it.

Is Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Really the Best Compared to Other Programs?

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Is Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Really the Best Compared to Other Programs?

If you’re trying to get a “bikini body,” whatever that means to you, you’ve surely come across the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout. However, you’ve probably also seen other bikini body workouts as well. So who comes out on top? You can read my Kayla Itsines Review for a detailed answer.

Well, the simple yet complicated answer is that it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for an effective, easy-to-follow program, then there are plenty of options for you. That should be and probably is your number one concern. After all, you want a program that works! And since it won’t work if you can’t even do it, you want a workout that’s understandable. That is, for lack of a better word, understandable.

You may also want to read about how Kayla’s BBG workout have a huge following here to understand why it’s the best compared to other fitness programs.

Beyond that, though, you may have other needs and concerns like:

  • Cost
  • Bonus workouts
  • Bonus information

The Cost

Let’s examine those, shall we? First of all, there is cost. The cost of Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide Workout and meal plan may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you’re only thinking about buying them all separately. The good news is, you don’t have to do that.

You can get the bundle—both Bikini Body Guide and the Bikini Body Guide 2.0, along with the HELP [meal plan]—at one lower price. In addition, you can go to and get a hefty 80% off discount. So other programs may seem like they cost less, but once you figure in the bulk bundle and get your sorely-deserved discount, it’s a no-brainer. Advantage: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

The Bonuses: Workouts

Next up is the question of bonus workouts. Specifically, do you get any cool extras with the regular plan? Some programs do include bonus workouts, so if you want to do extra work on your glutes, for example, they’ve got you covered. Unfortunately, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide doesn’t come with these extras. You get the workout and the workout 2.0, but nothing beyond that. However, her program does include a healthy amount of exercises like burpees, the kind of exercises that work multiple muscle systems at once. So you don’t really need a specialized workout for a specific body part. If you really want to focus more on your glutes or whatever, though, you could just do extra reps. Advantage: It’s a tie.

Bonuses: Other Info

Next let’s look at the bonus information. Some plans offer video demonstrations of the exercises through their respective website. That’s a valuable bonus. However, what might be more valuable is information. Didn’t someone famous say that knowing is half the battle?

Well, that’s where the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide really shines. She packs her meal plan with tons of information regarding nutrition, cooking, and answers to any questions you might have. It’s full of straight talk, like her caution against using supplements, which other guides may recommend. In addition, her workout guides also include extra info, like how to workout to prevent injury. Advantage: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

The Final Word

Other programs are just as easy-to-follow and as effective as the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Beyond that, though, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is the clear winner when it comes to other common concerns like cost and bonuses included. You may have other concerns beyond those, though, and if so, you’re encouraged to evaluate the programs based on your other concerns. However, if you want the best bang for your buck, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is the best choice compared to other programs. You get two workouts, a meal plan, and a lot of extra knowledge with it for one low price (provided you get that discount at

Why Are Kayla Itsines BBG Program eBooks Better Than Her App?

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kayla itsines bbg workout ebooks vs app

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and join the Kayla Itsines BBG program fitness movement, you have surely noticed that you have a choice. You can do the traditional, long-standing program or you can choose her newer offering, the Sweat With Kayla app. What’s the best choice for you? I think it’s the eBooks bundle and I’m going to tell you why.

Why is BBG Program eBooks Better?

sweat with kayla cost

Well, for the books, the price can vary, depending on whether you buy one book or buy the whole bundle. But even if you buy the whole kit and caboodle, you won’t spend more than forty bucks. (That is, if you buy from That’s not a bad price at all, especially for what you get. What’s in a bundle:

  • BBG 1.0
  • BBG 2.0
  • HELP Diet Guide

That’s two Bikini Body Guide books and the meal plan. Since you’re such a smart shopper, you’re getting a whopping 80% off from And that’s it! That’s all you’ll have to pay for the full program.

On the other hand, if you buy the app, you also have a couple of options. There is a recurring monthly payment option, where you’ll pay $19.99 per month. There is also the option to pay in 3-month chunks. For that, you’ll pay a recurring $54.99. And that keeps going for as long as you have the app. It’s clear that the books are the cheaper choice.

What Do I Get?

Okay, so the book bundle is the more economical option, but you’re probably thinking, maybe the app comes with more options. At this point, you don’t. You get the original Bikini Body Guide and Bikini Body Guide 2.0, the same as in the bundle. You also get the Bikini Body Guide 3.0, but it’s not a totally new program. It’s the same exercises and routines as the previous guides, just in a different order. There are, reportedly, plans to add more features and content, but do you really want to keep paying for the same stuff you could have already had while you’re waiting for new stuff to appear?

Then there are the portability and usability issues. Sure, you can take the app with you on your phone or tablet, but it’s going to work only if you have data or access to wifi. Whereas with the book bundle, you’ve got them whenever and wherever once they’re downloaded. You could even print out the PDFs!

Further, what if you don’t have a tablet and you’re using the app only on your phone? If you are, then you’ve got to puzzle out routines using only your phone screen. That’s going to be tough if you’re a beginner to the program. It’s going to be a challenge even if you’re not a newbie.

Finally, if you ever decide to cancel the app, you lose it all. You will no longer have access to the guides or the meal plan. You just don’t have that problem with the book bundle because once you’ve bought it, it’s yours forever.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about starting the Bikini Body Guide program or just continue with your progress, at this point in time the book bundle is definitely your best bet. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also a more user-friendly option. You don’t have to worry about bugs or having access to data service. You don’t have to squint at your phone screen to figure out the exercises. You don’t lose it all if you don’t keep paying. You make one simple purchase and it’s yours to consult for as long as you wish. That’s why the BBG Workout books are better than the app.

What is Kayla Itsines BBG Workout?

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bikini body guide

So you’ve read my review on Kayla Itsines BBG workout and interested to learn more about it? Read on!

If you’ve been on social media and you’ve seen the hashtag #BBG along with some pretty impressive progress photos, you might have been wondering what the deal is. Well, the hashtag refers to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout. It’s a six-month plan that’s intended to get you into the best shape you’ve ever been in.  Here’s the blueprint:

  • Weeks 1-12 Workout
  • Weeks 13-24 Workout
  • The Meal Plan

Six months may sound insurmountable, so it’s a lot easier to take when you realize that the program is broken down into twelve-week sections. Each has its own workout plan. The plans are designed for all kinds of bodies and all kinds of fitness levels, but still. They’re tough.

The First 12 Weeks With BBG Workout:

What Did You Get Yourself Into?

In the first twelve weeks, you’ll be moving your soon-to-be bikini body six days a week. For the first month, you’ll do a few days of circuit training and a few days of low impact cardio like walking. You’re also going to be stretching, but you can do that on the same day as the circuits or the cardio. In the next month, you’ll need to up the numbers of days you do cardio. Easy so far, right? I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic, because in the final month, you’ll add more days of circuits and you’ll add in high-intensity interval training. You can do it for a month. I believe in you.

Wait, What Am I Actually Doing?

If you’re nervous at this point because you think you have to be some kind of fitness expert to pull off these moves, please relax. This is a program designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels. The exercises are nothing too out of the ordinary—mostly stuff like burpees and squats—and the handy PDF guide has lots of illustrations. You can do this!

Bikini Body 2.0: In For the Long Haul

Once you’ve completed the first section and proved to yourself that you can do it, it’s time to start weeks thirteen through twenty-four. If you’re worried at this point about ramping up your workout, don’t be. Yes, it will continually get harder so you don’t plateau. Yes, it’s going to be challenging. The good news is, it’s not going to be unfamiliar. You’ll be doing a lot of the same exercises. This time, however, the frequency and intensity will increase, and there are now added challenge days. On those, you’ll do a long list of reps for a long list of exercises. The thing to remember, though, is that your fitness level has almost certainly improved at this point—hence the need to avoid plateauing—so you should be up to it. If you’re not, as with part one, she includes ways to modify the exercises for your level.

What’s For Dinner?

Don’t get your hopes up. The meal plan isn’t the one place you get to coast. The closest you come to that is when you’re stretching. Her meal plan is not overly restrictive, but it’s definitely not indulgent. It’s clean eating all the way through: lean protein, complex carbs, good-for-you fats. You know the no-frills drill. And vegetarians, don’t fret—there’s a plan for you, too.

I Think I Can Do This

So that’s the BBG Workout by Kayla Itsines. I know it sounds like a lot to do and a lot to remember, but there is also a lot of guidance built into the program. If you go into it with a positive attitude, I’m positive that you can make it through the whole six months. And then it’ll be your progress pics we’ll be seeing on Instagram.


What Does #BBG Mean on Instagram?

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what does bbg mean

Have you seen the hashtag #BBG on Instagram and wondered what it’s all about? If so, you’ve come to the right place. BBG is an acronym for Bikini Body Guide and it’s one of the hottest fitness trends around.

What is BBG workout? The Bikini Body Guide is the brainchild of Kayla Itsines. Who’s she? I’m glad you asked. She’s an Adelaide, Australia-based trainer and fitness expert who graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

She got her first job at a gym where the workout routine sounds like it was pretty pitiful. In one interview she described the work: basically they put women on exercise machines and it was her job to call out “Next!” so they could rotate machines.

BBG Has To Be A Better Fitness Plan!

transformations with bbg workout

Like many an infomercial narrator before her, she knew there had to be a better way. So one day she just turned on some music and instructed the ladies in a simple but effective circuit routine. It was a hit. Kayla was inspired. Then her younger sister’s friends, high school students, asked her to train them so they could make the school netball team.

She devised a fitness program that would build strength in just the ways they’d need when they played. She taught them how to eat right and had them take pictures to measure their progress. When she wanted a way to organize those pics, her cousin suggested Instagram.

Slowly but surely, her followers grew. Impressed by the results she was able to produce, many Insta users messaged her and asked for advice. It was her boyfriend, fellow fitness trainer Tobi Pearce, who suggested she come up with a guide. With his help, they devised a workout program. For the meal plan, they turned to the pros, the fellow Aussies at Nutrition Professionals Australia. Then they released the program on her website.

Just like that, Kayla’s Army, as her fans call themselves grew into a mini-movement. Her following on Instagram (find her @kayla_itsines) dwarfs the numbers of followers for many other fitness gurus, including some with much more recognizable names. At the time of this writing, a search for the #BBG hashtag returned over four and a half million posts.

Other related hashtags, like one of just Kayla’s name, also returned a sizable number of posts.  Although some of those are spam and some surely mean something else, a cursory glance through the tag reveals an avalanche of progress photos, all showing impressive development.

I Want A Bikini Body, Too!

So you’ve learned what #BBG means on Instagram and following my lead, you scrolled through the hashtag yourself. Unsurprisingly, now you’re impressed and maybe just a little envious. You’d like to get fitter and stronger, too. Well, you too can have a bikini body, no matter what your concept of a “bikini body” is. Just purchase the program online (you can get a 80% off discount at and everything is immediately available. You don’t have to wait for anything to ship. You can get started right away. So what are you waiting for now?

If you’re still not convinced, just think of how cool it will be when you can share your own achievements with the world. Imagine how you’ll feel when you post your own  progress photos on Instagram and get to hashtag them #BBG. Who knows—there might be some other woman out there that needs inspiration that she’ll get when she sees the result of all your hard work. That will certainly feel good. What will probably feel better, though, is how good you feel about yourself. So if you’re ready to sweat and if you’re ready to join the #BBG movement, give it a shot.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Army

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bikini body guide army

In June of this year, Kayla Itsines left her comfortable home in Adelaide Australia to bring her Sweat Tour 2016 Bootcamp to the world.  Thanks to Adidas’ sponsorship, London, New York, and Los Angeles were all inundated with scores of Bikini Body Guide fans edging for a front row spot.  As Kayla walked on stage, fans cheered excitedly; It was after all their first chance to train live in real time with their beloved workout guide.  Kayla welcomed the giddy crowd with her first command, “Hug your neighbor!”  This is a defining precursor to the Kayla Itsines style work out: infamously tough, delivered with a spoonful of honey.

Twenty-five year old Kayla Itsines graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness as a certified personal trainer passionate about health and fitness for women.  She soon began leading women’s exercise courses at a local gym, but quickly realized the program wasn’t working.  “The women were bored, they just weren’t putting in what they needed to put in to get the results they wanted,”  Kayla explained.  The program was stale; The women moved from one machine to the next in the same fashion each week.  Not long into teaching the course, Kayla decided to change things up.  Instead of ushering the women from one side of the room to the other, Kayla injected the course with a bit of her enthusiasm and an intensive circuit training drill.  The women did circuits of lunges, knee raises, squats and burpees.  Without ever approaching an exercise machine, the women laughed, sweating and panting on their mats; It was a hit!  This is where Kayla planted the first seed of what would become her famous Bikini Body Guide.

Inspired by Kayla’s passion for high level fitness, friends and family members began asking for her help.  Her younger sister, in particular, had a group of girls that played netball, which is similar to basketball, and wanted to take their playing to the next level for the upcoming school season.  Kayla put together an intensive training program focusing on leg and abdominal strength to help the girls with their game.  She treated them as if they were athletes, guiding them through highly intensive circuit training routines, resistance training and stretching.  She even advised them on diet and nutrition, encouraging them to make healthy food choices and reminding them to get all of the calories they needed.  After having asked the girls to keep before and after photographs of their bodies, she stumbled upon Instagram the same way she had stumbled into her role as designer of a new workout program at the gym.  There was no grandiose business plan in mind, it was just the right thing to do at the time.

Bikini Body Guide History

sweat with kayla tour

With no real intention of going public with her program, and certainly no foresight of her pending fame, Kayla Itsines began posting the girls’ progress tracking photographs on Instagram in 2012.  It was not long before she had amassed a sizable following.  Women from around the world were in awe of the transformations they were seeing.  They wanted to know if it was real, how they had done it, and if Kayla could help them get into shape too!  Kayla began receiving a humbling amount of inquiries and requests.  ‘What should I eat and how much?  What types of exercises should I do and how often?’  Eventually, Kayla’s desire to fulfill each request exceeded her ability to do so.  As she struggled to keep up, her boyfriend and fellow personal trainer, Toni Pearce, saw an opportunity.

It was Pearce’s idea to create the Bikini Body Guides: one for working out and another for nutrition.  The couple had more than enough experience and training to create the work out plan.  It is a twelve week initial program which is broken down into sessions involving variations of circuit training routines, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio exercises, along with resistance training and rehabilitation.  The circuit exercises are designed to fit into a busy schedule and can be completed in 28 minutes.  They involve four circuits of seven minutes each working through four different exercises such as burpees, jump lunges, sumo squats and leg raises.  As Kayla’s followers will attest, the work out is difficult.  “The first two weeks were so hard!  I didn’t think I would make it, but I could feel how much stronger I was becoming,”  said Rachel, 29, Los Angeles, CA.  Trainees excitedly share their experiences with the Bikini Body Guide; they are proud of their transformations and the effort they’ve put in to get there.

The trainees see fast results and that’s why they stick with it.  Aside from the intense circuits, trainees also get the chance to relax into an exercise routine with a few sessions of LISS, or 30-45 minutes of power walking, and rehabilitation or stretching.  Kayla often stresses the importance of relaxation, sleep, taking a vacation or getting a massage, anything that will help you to recenter yourself.  The program is about keeping a well-balanced routine, something that you can stick with for the long-run, not just a quick fix weight loss program.  Since they initially came out with the Bikini Body Guide, Itsines and Pearce’s company, Bikini Body Training, has grown to become one of the most successful new fitness companies in the world.

One thing that sets the Bikini Body Guide apart from other fitness routines is its all inclusiveness.  The BBG is a complete lifestyle guide to getting in shape.  Kayla even makes recommendations, however contentious, about drinking habits.  As someone that recognizes alcohol as a toxic substance, it is somewhat surprising that her guides have taken off with an age group marked by alcohol consumption.  Itsines says that she does not drink at all and does not recommend that her trainees drink alcohol either.  However, some followers admit that they do not follow the nutrition guide completely.  Even the nutritionists responsible for developing the diet plan say that a little bit of alcohol is okay.  As a fitness celebrity, however, Kayla believes in leading by example and remains strict on the subject.

Itsines and Pearce, admitting that they were not aptly qualified nutritionists, hired Julie Dundon and Anne Schneyder, directors of the Nutrition Professionals of Australia to develop the diet plan.  The plan does not differ greatly from the traditional food pyramid, but it promotes accurate serving measurement and a minimum number of servings from each food group.  The guide includes meal plans that allow certain luxuries like lattes, but promote healthy grain choices like Quinoa and low fat meats like chicken.  There are now vegetarian and vegan options too!  The meal plans generally recommend about 1600 to 1800 calories per day, but Itsines insists that the guide is not based on calorie counting.  This is important in distinguishing the plan from other trendy diets which have you counting calories and pounds.  This is not an accurate measurement of what you’re gaining through a healthy lifestyle program.  Kayla also insists that her trainees get enough to eat.  Abstention and starvation are not the key to a healthy, confident body.  The Bikini Body Guide is all about how you can become stronger for you; That is why you compare your before and after photographs.  It’s important that women understand that it’s not about comparing yourself to some impossible beauty standard.

Kayla says she regrets calling her initial program the Bikini Body Guide.  She received some retaliation for insinuating that there was only one type of body suitable for a bikini.  This was not the intention.  According to Itsines, a bikini body is anyone that feels good enough to put on a bikini and stroll down a public beach.  “It’s about being healthy and feeling confident, not looking a certain way,” says Itsines.  Many of Kayla’s followers talk about how empowered they feel to have regained control of their life and their bodies.  This is the real affect of a healthy lifestyle and the sought after goal of the Bikini Body Guide.  While the title may in fact have earned the attention of many women, it was the feeling of empowerment that ultimately inspired their devotion.  “Everyone is beautiful; We’re all trying our best!.”  Kayla states.  Her inclusive attitude and genuine personality have contributed greatly to her popularity.

Kayla Itsines App

In November, Kayla released her fitness app, which she decided to rename ‘Sweat with Kayla.’  Its reception was remarkable.  Sweat with Kayla was by far, the most profitable fitness app, even compared to Nike+.  The app, which sells for $19.99 per month compared to $50 for the PDF downloads, provides the fitness and nutrition guide in condensed form and includes some great features.  Many followers say they like the tracking feature which allows you to view your progress photos side by side with your original photograph in order to see just how far you’ve come.  You also receive new meal plan recipes each day according to your chosen plan, either regular, vegetarian, or vegan, along with a personalized grocery list to make the nutrition guide easier than ever to follow.  Sweat with Kayla includes guided workouts, a circuit training timer, and a number of other attractive features.  Its main attraction, of course, is the Bikini Body Guide itself, which had become such a phenomenon prior to the release of the app.  The Sweat with Kayla app version is updated to offer more exercises and inspire even better results

There is no question about Kayla’s success with 5.7 million Instagram followers and 25 million people using the Bikini Body Guide.  This makes Kayla Itsines by far the biggest fitness celebrity ever.  Her runner up, Jillian Michaels, has just a fraction of that and nowhere near the level of devotion that Itsines’ followers have.  Her inner circle, upwards of 150,000 followers, consider themselves the ‘BBG Army.’  They interact regularly on Instagram, uploading their latest work out photographs and commenting on one anothers’ progress.  “They’re really supportive,”  says one soldier, “I couldn’t have done it without them.”  The BBG has created a real community of women reaching out and helping each other reach their goals.  This is part of the appeal of the BBG.  The other part, is Kayla Itsines herself.

Kayla is the perfect leader for a global fitness movement: strong, dedicated, and compassionate.  Her work outs are tough, but you don’t see people bailing out, the same way you do with other fitness programs.  The key is her approach: Kayla isn’t a cruel military sergeant shouting commands decorated with expletives.  She’s the exact opposite: a patient guru, calmly, lovingly encouraging her entourage.  “You can do it!,”  She shouts, “You’ve got everything you need to reach your goals, just keep challenging yourself!”  For Itsines, it’s about meeting people where they’re at and inspiring them to be the best that they can be.

Kayla’s compassion is a distinctive trait that sets her apart from other fitness leaders.  Her Instagram account is marked with inspirational phrases.  She seems to recognize her ability to move people, and is humbled by it.  Another post says, “Some days I amaze myself; Other days I look for my phone while I’m holding it.”  In short she’s saying, we’re all human; we’re all awesome and simple at once.   We all make mistakes: we eat doughnuts, we roll through a workout or sleep in, but it’s okay!  Recognizing this may be the key to her success as her followers remark, “She’s not above us, she’s one of us.”  That, for a fitness celebrity, is worth millions.