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About Ann

Hi! If you’ve found this page you probably want to know if I’m a real person. I am!


About Me

First I’ll introduce myself. I’m Ann Soek and I’m 29 years old. I am originally from the Netherlands, but I now live in Scotland (with my cat, Katrina) where I moved two years ago to take a position with a bank. I’m really just an ordinary person with an ordinary life.

For my whole life I have been really lucky, because I’ve never had to worry about my weight. I don’t exercise, but apparently I have one of those metabolisms that works in overdrive because I can eat anything and not even gain half-a-kilo. Since coming to Scotland I eat about half of my dinners at a local pub (along with having a pint or two), I stop at McDonalds at least once a week, and I don’t stay away from ice cream, either.

I’m not fat, but it turns out I’m not real healthy. My doctor told me that they call my body type “skinny-fat,” which means I’m not overweight but my body works like I am. It means I’m more likely to have high blood pressure or even get diabetes. Even so, I never tried dieting or even changing what I ate, because I didn’t mind the way I looked. I never dreamed about being the hot girl on the beach in a bikini. I was “just me.”

Believe it or not, things changed for me because I had an overweight friend at work. She had gone on lots of diets without any luck, but then she tried the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide program. I watched as she dropped kilo after kilo, eventually losing more than 20 kg and changing her entire body. When she finished the BBG and showed me pictures of her in her new bikini, I was amazed.

The amount of weight she lost and the way she looked was incredible, but I didn’t have to lose any weight. Here’s what got my interest: the whole time she was doing the workouts and changing her diet, she kept telling me how much better she felt, how much more energy she had and how happy she was. That sounded great to me.

It felt kind of weird to even be thinking about a “diet program,” but I decided that I had nothing to lose. (My friend showed me a link where you can get the BBG for dirt cheap, so that helped me decide.) I downloaded the Kayla Itsines ebook and tried it.

You can read the details of the program and my results elsewhere on my site, but you probably can guess that I became a huge fan of Kayla and the Bikini Body Guide. I stayed the same weight, but my body looks completely different now. The extra fat on my arms, legs and belly is gone, I have actual muscles and abs, and I have to admit it. I look great.

What’s even more important to me is that following the BBG workout has given me a lot more energy and made me stronger. I wake up every morning feeling great, and actually look forward to exercising every day. I’m eating healthy now, too, and I didn’t think anything or anyone could make me do that.

I started this website because I figured there are a lot of people like me – those who aren’t fat, but have no idea what a difference the Bikini Body Guide can make in their life. I hope my experience helps you.